Keeping young adults safe in the night time economy

Our team of trained and experienced volunteers deliver advanced and emergency safeguarding and welfare services into Cheltenham's night time economy every Saturday night between 10pm and 5.30am. We will also deploy our team on special occasions such as the Cheltenham Gold Cup Festival or at the request of the emergency services.

When thousands of young adults come together to enjoy themselves in Cheltenham's vibrant bars and clubs problems will inevitably surface. Our team are trained to respond to most eventualities faced within the dynamic night time economy environment, from low level engagement to high risk interventions.

Whilst we specialise in the India Protocol - the safeguarding of lone females in the night time economy environment we deal with ALL demographics, offering a total safeguarding and welfare solution. We pride ourselves in attaining positive outcomes and our success rate is excellent.

Robust and proactive safeguarding measures employed by the Cheltenham Guardians team are widely recognised as innovative and amongst the most successful in the United Kingdom.