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The Partner Hub is a resource for those involved in the policing and care response to Cheltenham's night time economy. Here you will learn how Cheltenham Guardians can help you in the execution of your duties.

Information for police officers

Your partners in Cheltenham's night time economy

As a Gloucestershire Constabulary police officer or police community support officer you may encounter Cheltenham Guardians whilst on duty. We maintain an excellent working relationship with police officers and we will endeavour to assist you where we can.

Who are Cheltenham Guardians?

We are an official partner in the policing and care response to Cheltenham's night time economy. We are strategic partners of Gloucestershire Constabulary in this respect.

What do Cheltenham Guardians do?

We deliver emergency and advanced safeguarding and welfare services into Cheltenham's night time economy. Our core mission the India Protocol is a lone female safeguarding initiative, an area in which we specialise.

When do Cheltenham Guardians operate?

We work from 22.00 on Saturday nights through until 07.00 on Sunday morning. We may also be active on special occasions such as race week or Freshers' fortnight.

How can I contact Cheltenham Guardians?

You can contact Cheltenham Guardians on the AHC/CCTV night safe radio or on 07473 231741.

How can Cheltenham Guardians help the police?

  • You can hand over an intoxicated or vulnerable person to us
  • We can transport a vulnerable person home
  • We can transport low acuity patients to hospital (CGH or GRH)
  • We can supply advanced first aid equipment such as an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • We can supply first aid products such as plasters, bandages, tourniquets, splints, burns and trauma kits
  • We can supply bottled water, nitrile gloves, hand sanitiser, cleansing wipes, blue roll, absorbent granules, disinfectant and detergent
  • We can safely remove and dispose of blood, blood contaminated items and sharps

Other information

  • We will consider any request for assistance in areas outside of Cheltenham
  • We will consider any request for assistance outside of our operational hours
  • Our primary Gloucestershire Constabulary contact is Chief Inspector Gosden 844

We believe in blue. Thank you for your service.

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