What is the India Protocol?

The India Protocol is an advanced, innovative and hugely successful safeguarding initiative that targets lone females within the night time economy environment.

Utilising a tried and tested approach, ascertain and assist method, the India Protocol comprehensively increases the safety and security of lone females in Cheltenham's night time economy during our operational hours.

Created by Terry Howard the founder of Cheltenham Guardians after the rape and murder of India Eve Chipchase in 2016, the India Protocol is the core mission of the organisation.

Quite often an individual in distress within a night time economy environment will not approach door security, the police or indeed anybody else for assistance due to embarrassment or poor judgment due to intoxication. The India Protocol circumnavigates this problem by proactive and targeted engagement.

Approximately 4 out of every 10 India Protocol contacts we make results in further interaction or intervention by our officers.

We are fully committed to seeing the India Protocol rolled out in night time economies throughout the United Kingdom.

India Eve Chipchase

India Eve Chipchase

A rare video insight into the India Protocol at work. Our team became aware of a distressed and intoxicated female who was with a male unknown to her. What you will see in the video is a typical India Protocol intervention and extraction. We respond quickly and decisively to any situation where there is an imbalance of power or the risk of harm. The female in the video was reunited with friends and returned home safely. There is no implication of any wrongdoing by any party in this video.