Cooperation with blue light partners

We work closely with the police and the ambulance service in Cheltenham's night time economy providing support as and when requested.


Every shift starts with a police briefing and the sharing of intelligence relevant to the night time economy environment. This gives ourselves and our strategic partners a better understanding of what we can expect from our shift so that we can make any necessary adjustments. Information is shared amongst all night time economy partners to ensure a more cohesive and fluid response.

Many incidents do not warrant a police response and where we may be better suited to deal with the incident we may be tasked instead of the police. Our experienced officers will assess and relay any relevant information back to the police via our radio link whilst dealing with the situation on the ground. Should we feel that police involvement is required we will escalate the incident to the police who will attend.

Ambulance Service

Discharging at scene

A function of our team is to make themselves available to ambulance crews who are looking to discharge patients at scene but require the assurance of continued care. This provides the ambulance service a viable pathway for the service user in the care of an experienced service provider and frees the crew to deal with other emergencies.

Wait and Cover

If we encounter a single crewed paramedic whilst on duty within our operational area we will remain with the paramedic (at least) until either a) another ambulance arrives or b) the patient is discharged. This provides the paramedic with support, assistance, security and a direct radio link to the police and other night time economy partners.

Pre-ambulance arrival support

We can be tasked by the ambulance service to any medical emergency in Cheltenham town centre within our operational hours. Our response times average less than 3 minutes. Once at the scene our team can ensure the safety and security of the patient as well as provide basic first aid if necessary. We will relay to the ambulance service any information which may be relevant.

Scene support

Dealing with a patient within a busy night time economy environment can on occasion be problematic. The experienced Cheltenham Guardians team can help manage a scene, allowing ambulance crews to concentrate on the patient. With an excellent working relationship with all elements of Cheltenham's night time economy, plus a direct radio link to the police, CCTV and other strategic partners, the Cheltenham Guardians team are a valuable asset to crews on the ground.