The mission

Aurora is a special projects mission from the founder of the Cheltenham Guardians Integrated Urban Safeguarding Team. Focusing on teen safeguarding, development, education and citizenship, Aurora has bold ambitions to break the mould with common sense, innovative, teen focused initiatives.

Aurora is a vehicle for debate, ideas and positive action to empower teens, to nurture them, to harness their energy and ideas and to create a community of hope and dynamic engagement.

Aurora is to be a counter of fear, despondency and mediocrity, Aurora is to believe in our children and give them the tools to forge their dreams as the architects of tomorrow.

From the 8th of October 2019, exactly 5 years on from the inception of Cheltenham Guardians, Aurora will open its doors and its heart to families across Cheltenham who wish to engage with the dreams and vision of this initiative. We hope you will join us.

Aurora is a private philanthropic initiative.